Ariane 6: we know the takeoff date of the European rocket

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It's official, the inaugural flight of the European Ariane 6 rocket will take place July 9, 2024 ! This was announced today by the Director General of the European Space Agency (Esa), Josef Aschbacher, at the ILA Air Show in Berlin.

Objective 10 flights per year

Officials from Esa, ArianeGroup, Cnes and Arianespace present in Berlin even suggest that a second flight could take place before the end of the year. The objective is to gradually achieve around ten launches per year.

After long months without access to space by its own means (the last launch of Ariane 5 took place in July 2023), Ariane 6 should relaunch European space towards the path of autonomy. Unlike its predecessor Ariane 5, which is among the most reliable rockets ever built, Ariane 6 will have a re-ignitable upper stage which will allow it to launch several missions in different orbits in a single flight. For now, 30 missions are already reserved for the new European rocket.

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