Deebot N20: Ecovacs abandons bags for automatic emptying of its most affordable robots

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It is ultimately with its entry-level robot that Ecovacs surprises us the most this mid-year. The Deebot N20 is actually offered with a bagless automatic emptying function. Just like theE10S at Eureka, it adopts multicyclonic filtration (PureCyclone technology) to trap waste and release only pure air into the room.

A more ecological and economical automatic drain

The Deebot N20 thus avoids the use of bags which we not only have to remember to buy again, but which add to the waste in our bins. In return, the station's filter and collector must be emptied and washed regularly. It is certainly a little more work than changing a bag, but not much more difficult if the filtration is effective, unlike that of the Shark RV2600WSEU.

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It is also possible to do without automatic draining with the Deebot N20, since it is reserved for the Plus version, or rather the Plus versions. Two are planned: the Deebot N20 Plus and the Deebot N20 Pro Plus which provides, in addition to automatic draining, a vibrating mop (Ecovacs announces 480 frictions per minute). The non-Pro versions just carry a wipe with them, but otherwise offer the same features.

The Deebot N20s are thus equal in the suction part with a half-rubber, half-nylon brush supposed to prevent hair from tangling and an announced power of 8000 Pa, while a telemeter on the top allows them to map the house. They are also equipped with a 5200 mAh battery supposed to offer up to 300 minutes of operation, but not sure that the robot's containers allow it to vacuum and, above all, wash for that long. The dust bin has a capacity of 400 ml and the water tank, 220 ml for the classic N20, and 180 ml for the N20 Pro Plus.

Just like the Deebot X5 and T30S, the Deebot N20 will be available from June 25. It will be possible to pre-order them from June 11, but no discount is planned in their case. The most modest model will be launched at the recommended retail price of €299. You will have to add €100 for the Plus version with automatic drain, and another €100 for the N20 Pro Plus with vibrating mop at extra cost.

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