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Hello !
Puncture repair is free and without an appointment in all cartecash in France, on average it is around thirty euros in other garages.
A deal we like, enjoy 🙂

Is your tire flat? In all of our workshops, we offer expertise on your tire and, if possible, repairs.

For €0, our tire repair service includes:

  • Expertise on your damaged tire, visual inspection of the exterior of the tire and the necessary DOT
  • Repair from the inside of the tire
  • Replacing your rubber valve (excluding electronic valve)
  • Checking tire pressure
  • Wheel balancing

* Service subject to the application of the General Conditions of Services, carried out subject to prior visual inspection of the tire carried out by the in-store team. Carter-Cash reserves the right to refuse to provide the service depending on the condition of the tire or the feasibility of the repair (see list of cases of refusal of repair). Offer reserved for individuals, limited to one repair per day and per person, not giving rise to any reimbursement.

List of cases of refusal of repairDepending on the case, it may happen that the tire is not repairable. Below is the list of repair refusals:

  • Tread depth less than the legal limit of 1.6 mm
  • Cracked, worn or deteriorated rubber
  • Puncture too close to an old repair
  • Puncture size equal to or greater than 6 mm
  • Perforation, tear, puncture on the sidewall
  • More than 2 repairs already carried out
  • Presence of burn marks, running flat
  • Equipment not compliant with manufacturer recommendations

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