Samsung takes on Oura before the release of its Galaxy Ring

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By venturing into the connected ring market with the Galaxy Ring, Samsung is facing Oura, a major and particularly litigious competitor. Anticipating accusations of patent infringement, Samsung therefore cautiously filed a lawsuit against Oura before the Galaxy Ring was even available for sale. The Finnish company is indeed known for its rigorous legal procedures aimed at protecting its numerous intellectual properties.

Oura patents at the heart of the conflict

Oura holds an extensive patent portfolio covering many of the technologies used by smart rings, including biometric sensors, integrated batteries, and health assessment systems. These patents encompass features that Samsung plans to integrate into the Galaxy Ring, making a legal showdown all but inevitable. According to an article from Bloomberg LawOura has already shown its intention to aggressively defend its patents by pursuing other competitors like Ultrahuman, Circular, and RingConn.

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To prevent possible blockages during the launch of the Galaxy Ring, the South Korean giant has filed a complaint seeking to avoid being accused of counterfeiting. The complaint clearly highlights Oura's strategy of accusing any new entrant to the smart ring market of patent infringement. By taking this preventative measure, Samsung hopes to neutralize any attempts by Oura to hinder its launch.

A connected ring that looks complete

Despite these legal challenges, the Galaxy Ring promises to offer advanced features. While they are yet to be confirmed, they are expected to include health and sleep tracking, ECG measurements, heart rate monitoring and blood oxygen levels, as well as options device control via Samsung SmartThings and NFC payments via Samsung Pay. A feature called Vitality Score, introduced at the January 2024 Unpacked event, will also provide users with an assessment of their physical and mental fitness based on various health and sleep metrics.

According to the information disclosed in the complaint, production of the Galaxy Ring would begin in mid-June 2024, with marketing scheduled for August 2024 in the United States. This timeline confirms previous rumors and highlights Samsung's determination to enter the smart ring market despite the legal obstacles posed by Oura. Global Olympic Partner Samsung Set to Unveil Galaxy Ring in Capital shortly before the Paris 2024 Olympic Gamesprobably July 10.

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