Windows 10: new features before the end

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New features are still planned for Windows 10.


On October 14, 2025, in a little less than a year and a half, Microsoft will end support for Windows 10. Today, the firm is still struggling to get users to adopt Windows 11and it is not yet certain that Copilot with its AI and future ARM machines will manage to convince the crowds to take the plunge. This is perhaps why Microsoft has just reopened the Windows 10 beta program in order to test new features and improvements before offering them to everyone via an update numbered 22H2.

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The end of support for Windows 10 does not move

The firm clearly specifies that this reopening of the beta channels to Insiders does not change anything regarding the end of support for Windows 10 next year. The stated objective of this addition of new functionalities, despite the scheduled end of life of the system: “Ensuring everyone can get the most out of their current Windows PC.

Windows 10 beta

To test the next version of Windows 10 in beta, it's here!


This is not the first time that Microsoft has changed its mind regarding Windows 10 and its last minute enrichment. The AI ​​features of Copilot, in particular, were initially supposed to be exclusive to Windows 11. Microsoft does not, however, specify what features will be added to Windows 10 with the next update(s). Let us recall in passing that to be able to benefit from security updates after October 2025, you will have to put your hand in your wallet.

Windows 11 still lagging behind

According to the latest count of StatCounter, nine years after its release in 2015, Windows 10 is still the most used Windows system at 68%, far ahead of Windows 11 and its 28%. Between the old machines not compatible with Windows 11, the proven faults of this OS, or even the natural desire to stay on the proven Windows 10, which will also receive new features, we wish good luck to Microsoft to change the trend .

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