Asus introduces ROG Mjolnir, a portable charging station inspired by Thor

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Do you love Thor, defender of Midgar, guardian of gods and men against the giants? Asus has what you need as the famous hammer of the storm god, Mjolnir, transforms into a portable electric charging station with a capacity of 768 Wh. The ROG Mjolnir battery with a warrior aesthetic was presented at the Computex 2024 show.

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An electric tribute to the Viking god

The ROG Series Power Station features four outlets up to 1000W for connecting devices and four USB ports. The two USB-A sockets provide up to 10 W of power, one USB-C socket goes up to 65 W and a second reaches 100 W. A screen has been added to Mjolnir to track data like power consumption and remaining autonomy. The MagSafe compatible Qi2 charger is used to charge a smartphone. Even the handle is put to good use since it serves as a flashlight, practical when going out into nature.

The handle is actually a torch that recharges by induction.

The handle is actually a torch that recharges by induction.


Up to nine charges for ROG Ally

Since it is a portable electric charging station from the ROG range dedicated to gaming, Mjolnir can power a PC equipped with a GeForce RTX 4080 graphics card for around an hour. Too short a duration to progress in a solo game and insufficient to continue online games, unfortunately. However, it is possible to recharge the device via solar panels to extend its autonomy. Not to mention that according to Asus, its solution allows you to recharge the ROG Ally X portable console up to nine times.

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