Back to the source: NotebookLM, Google's new AI tool that will delight students and researchers

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Google announces the launch of NotebookLM, its new note-taking tool based on artificial intelligence. Particularly aimed at students and researchers, NotebookLM is able to summarize documents, explain cutting-edge ideas and generate new ones from user-specified sources. The Californian firm aspires to restore user confidence in artificial intelligence, while the sometimes inconsistent answers provided by certain models could sow doubt.

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Explore complex topics with AI

With its capabilities, NotebookLM opens up a vast field of possibilities and is now proving useful for researchers, journalists, students, authors, professionals in the legal field, etc. For example, with NotebookLM, a user can search for a concept mentioned in a 400-page scientific PDF, without knowing the exact keywords; Thanks to the Google Gemini Pro 1.5 AI model, NotebookLM aims to be efficient in terms of understanding.

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