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€19.99 – Cultura

Contains :

-Wonder Woman:
This was before she became Wonder Woman, back when she was still Diana, princess of the Amazons and invincible fighter. One day, an American pilot crashes on the paradise island where she lives, sheltered from the noise of the world. When he tells her that a terrible war is raging on the other side of the planet, Diana leaves her haven of peace, convinced that she must stop the threat. By allying herself with men in a fight to end the war, Diana will discover the full extent of her powers… and her true destiny.

– Suicide Squad:
It's so enjoyable to be a bastard! Faced with a threat as enigmatic as it is invincible, secret agent Amanda Waller brings together an armada of scoundrels of the worst kind. Armed to the teeth by the government, these Super-Villains then embark on a suicide mission. Until they realize that they have been sacrificed. Will they accept their fate or rebel?

– Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice:
Fearing that Superman will abuse his omnipotence, the Dark Knight decides to confront him: does the world need more a superhero with limitless powers or a vigilante with formidable strength? of human origin? Meanwhile, a terrible threat looms on the horizon…

– Man of Steel:
A boy learns that he has extraordinary powers and that he was not born on Earth. When he reaches adulthood, he embarks on a journey to discover where he comes from and why he was sent to our planet. But the hero in him must surface to save the world from total destruction and become a symbol of hope for all humanity.

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