Haier still believes in the top-opening washing machine with the HW90-BPD13386U-S

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In the small world of washing machines, it is generally the window models that hold the upper hand. Much more widespread (and therefore, much more sold), they are often the ones that manufacturers highlight and which therefore receive all the attention, particularly from R&D departments. It is therefore not surprising that this category of products is the first to receive innovations such as automatic laundry dispensers and steam generators.

But it still sells because top-opening washing machines have an advantage over their front-opening counterparts. They are much less bulky! In fact, they often measure less than 45 cm wide compared to 60 cm for washing machines with a window, which is important in small spaces! The Haier HW90-BPD13386U-S, for example, is just 40 cm wide. And yet, if we rely on its technical sheet, it is capable of handling 9 kg of laundry while the competition is limited to a capacity of 7 kg, maximum. The motor that equips it drives the 54.5 liter drum at a maximum speed of 1300 rpm for spinning.

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As is often the case, the control panel is located on the hood. Completely without a wheel, it relies on sensitive keys. We find the basic programs (cotton, synthetics, eco, etc.) but also cycles that are a little less common on top-opening washing machines, such as wool or delicate textiles. Obviously, you can also plan a pre-wash, change the water temperature or even prepare a delayed start (up to 24 hours).

And if that wasn't enough, Haier has equipped the HW90-BPD13386U-S with the latest innovations usually found in door-mounted washing machines. For example, it has a detergent dispenser. The manufacturer has also provided steam functions to relax the textile fibers at the end of the cycle in order to facilitate ironing. The icing on the cake is that it can be paired with a smartphone equipped with the hOn home application. We don't yet know much on the subject, but it's a safe bet that it will be possible to program the washing machine remotely or to precisely monitor the progress of the cycle or even water consumption. and electricity.

Obviously, all this has a price and the HW90-BPD13386U-S is very far from being the cheapest top-opening washing machine on the market: the entry ticket amounts to €900.

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