Hollow Knight on Nintendo Switch (digital)

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Delve into darkness and brave the depths of a forgotten realm in Hollow Knight available on Nintendo eShop of the Nintendo Switch. In this challenging 2D action-adventure game, you'll explore the vast, interconnected world of Hallownest, unravel ancient mysteries, and defeat a menacing evil.


Explore an incredible subterranean kingdomDeeply buried on the twilight town of Dirtmouth, Hallownest was once home to a thriving civilization, now in ruins. It attracts explorers and thieves underground in search of glory, treasure and answers to ancient secrets. But in its plundered underground rooms also lurk strange creatures, corrupted by a honeyed poison oozing from the ground.

As a traveler called Hollow Knight, venture into this ghostly and dilapidated kingdom, made up of a maze of caves, corridors and ruined cities. The cities and colonies scattered deep beneath the ground are home to some very curious characters. As for those who venture off the beaten path to explore the smallest nooks and crannies, they can expect to stumble upon riddles and treasures protected by terrible creatures.

Face fierce enemies If you seek to delve deeper into the darkness, prepare to defend yourself against hordes of corrupted and frightening insects. Show agility to evade their attacks, dodge their projectiles, climb the walls to gain height, then go on the offensive with your trusty sword and powerful skills.


Defeated enemies leave behind Geo, fossils to exchange for new items and shortcuts, as well as mysterious energy to use to revitalize your tired body or channel to gain powerful new skills. If you lose a fight, your shadow will remain where you fell: to recover your riches, you will have to find it and defeat it.

Very curious characters
If caving tires you, head back to the surface to explore the strange town of Dirtmouth. You can buy items there with your Geo or take advice from its funny inhabitants.

Very old objects called Charms are also hidden in forgotten rooms or possessed by the incredible characters you will meet during your quest. By finding these Charms and equipping yourself with them, you will gain useful skills: for example, you can generate insects that will fight furiously at your side, or increase the amount of Geo dropped by defeated enemies.

Symphony of Darkness


Beautiful hand-drawn artwork, classic 2D animation, and a remarkable original score expertly bring the unreal world of Hollow Knight to life. With its detailed backgrounds, ghostly characters and dark, dreamlike environments, Hallownest has a unique atmosphere that unfolds step by step, while a melancholic and dreamy soundtrack accompanies Hollow Knight on his solitary journey.

Delve into a cursed underground realm, defeat fearsome creatures, and lift the curse from a crumbling insect civilization in Hollow Knight for Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch.

  • Discover the surreal insect world of Hallownest and uncover its darkest mysteries
  • Explore a vast underground kingdom struck by a terrible curse and infested with bizarre creatures
  • Use your sword and powerful skills to disperse enemies and discover secret passages
  • Enjoy an incredible hand-drawn dream world and classic 2D animation

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