PARKSIDE Silent compressor PSKO 248 A1, 24 L

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99€ – Lidl

2793246-dfK1Q.jpgPower consumption: 1100 W

Speed: 2,850 rpm
Tank volume: approximately 24 L

Ultra-quiet 2-cylinder engine

✓ Condensed water drain screw
✓ Easy to clean air filter


Ultra-quiet 2-cylinder engine compared to standard compressors
Noise level of only 69 dB (sound pressure level) thanks to noise-reducing construction
Low maintenance oil-free engine
24 L tank with condensed water drain screw
Continuously adjustable from approximately 0 to 8 bars
2 pressure gauges with bar and PSI graduations
Easy-to-maintain air filter
Technical characteristics
Power: 1,100 W (at 230 V)
Speed: 2,850 rpm
Suction power: 213 l/minute
Operating pressure: adjustable up to 8 bars
Tank volume: approximately 24 L
Effective dissipated quantity at 7 bars: 85 l/minute
Sound pressure level LpA: 69 dˡ
Sound power level LWA: 90 dB(A)ˡˡ
Steel, aluminum, plastic
Compressor: approximately L 59 x W 30 x H 54.5 cm
Power cord: approx. 3 m
approximately 21.5 kg
ˡThe sound pressure is the value actually measured. It is also the value perceived and felt by hearing.
ˡˡThe acoustic power corresponds to the acoustic energy determined in watts.

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