[PS+] Octopath traveler 1 PS4/PS5

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Octopath traveler 1 is available on PS4/PS5 so you have a duplicate if you buy it
For 2 weeks for ps+ players a reduction of 34% is made

On the other hand, don't dream, no physical release will be made which is a shame

In addition, I advise you to take it now because the next promotion will be in quite a while I think and will not be at this price


Octopath Traveler, the RPG which has sold more than 3 million copies (data dating from September 2022), is coming to PS4 and PS5! The franchise's HD-2D graphics, combining retro pixel art and 3D CGI, reach new heights.

Eight travelers. Eight adventures. Eight roles to play. Embark on a legendary adventure in the vast world of Orsterra and discover their captivating stories.
Play as eight different characters, each with a story to unravel and side quests.
Explore the wonderful world of Orsterra and its dangers across eight huge regions, and discover the story of each character throughout the adventure. Complete side quests and scenarios in different ways and make decisions that will determine your path. Go on an adventure! Your story awaits.
⑴ The franchise's HD-2D graphics, combining retro pixel art and 3D computer graphics, invite the player on a fantastic journey, exhilarating with freedom.
⑵ Blending traditional RPG elements with an Exaltation and Rift mechanic, Octropath Traveler's combat system rewards strategy and calculated risk-taking.
⑶ You begin your journey by playing one of eight travelers with different origins, talents and objectives. Follow your own path or explore each of the seven other travelers' individual stories as you embark on your adventure.

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