Rumors: Microsoft and Sony are also working on portable consoles

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PlayStation Portal

Will PlayStation Portal soon be put on the shelf?

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Now that Valve has successfully (re)opened the door to portable consoles with its Steam Deck, everyone wants their share. After Asus, MSI, Zotac and other Lenovo, no one would be surprised if tomorrow the major players in video games, Microsoft and Sony, launched a portable machine. Especially since rumors seem to go in this direction. Of course, tweezers are required.

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Soon the return of the PSP to Sony?

Sony has of course already put a toe back in the game with its PlayStation Portal. However, it is not entirely a true portable console, since it necessarily depends on a direct connection to a PS5 to be able to stream games to it. The manufacturer's last true nomadic machine dates back to the PS Vita in 2011.

According to rumors in the corridors notably taken up by the YouTube channel TCMFGames, whose assertions must be taken conditionally, Sony is working on a PSP3. This machine, powered by AMD, would be able to natively play PS4 games, but also PS5 titles after applying a patch to optimize performance. Once again: don't forget the tweezers. It remains to be seen when Sony could announce this machine, when its last event State of Play is only a few days old.

Microsoft wants its games everywhere

A little more credible but still to be put in the conditional, the rumor around an Xbox portable console comes to us from Forbes and the leaker eXtas1. A first rumor has it that the Xbox Games Showcase coming this June 9 will be especially massive. It would not only feature games, but also a machine to enjoy Xbox games anywhere.

This philosophy of freedom has been embraced by the brand for several months now, notably with the reinforcement of cloud gaming, the arrival of Xbox games on other consoles and Phil Spencer's clear attraction for portable consoles. However, it remains to be seen whether Microsoft will offer a real console capable of running games natively or will settle for a more modest device to only stream video games from an Xbox or the cloud and Game Pass. Answer (maybe) this Sunday!

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