Samsung set to launch new 114-inch TV for $150,000

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This is not the first time that Samsung has been verbose about its wall-mounted TV ranges. The cleverly named The Wall was notably unveiled for the first time in 2018, and in reality represents the logical continuation of the families launched by Samsung after The Frame. As its name suggests, The Wall is not limited to the size of a frame, but takes care to invade an entire wall, up to 292 inches!

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In the same vein, Samsung is now taking the opportunity to announce three new similar models, although less invasive. Called Class Micro LED, they are available in three different sizes, which range between 89 inches, 101 inches and 114 inches for the largest model.

MicroLED in the spotlight, main reason for excessive prices

These newcomers highlight MicroLED technology, which combines the advantages of Oled and those of classic LCD televisions. Thus, the brightness is higher overall, while offering high contrast similar to Oled technology. Unlike the latter, however, MicroLED uses sub-pixels considered to be non-organic, which allows them not to deteriorate over the years. The problem with MicroLED technology is thatit quickly reaches exorbitant prices.

So, for these new models the price varies between $109,999 (89 inches), $129,999 (101 inches) and $149,999 (114 inches). Despite these prohibitive prices, Class Micro LED televisions are currently out of stock on Samsung official website. That said, it's impossible to know how many televisions were actually in stock originally…

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