Street Fighter 6 Standard Edition on PS5 (Digital)

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This product allows you to download both the PS4™ digital version and the PS5™ digital version of this game.

Here is Capcom's brand new challenger! Street Fighter™ 6, the latest installment in the series, will be available worldwide on June 2, 2023!

Powered by Capcom's powerful RE ENGINE, the Street Fighter 6 experience spans three distinct game modes: World Tour, Fighting Ground and Battle Hub.

A varied roster of 18 fighters
Play as essential characters like Ryu or the legendary Chun-Li, or newcomers like Luke, Jamie, Kimberly and many others in this new opus! Each character gets a unique new design and exhilarating cutscenes for their special moves!

Dominate the Fighting Ground
Street Fighter 6 offers a highly evolved combat system with three types of controls: Classic, Modern and Dynamic. Each player can therefore have fun according to their own level.
The new live commentary feature adds all the atmosphere of a real match as well as easy gameplay explanations.
Get started with the new Drive gauge system to win!

Go on an adventure in the World Tour
Search for true strength in World Tour, a single-player story mode. Use your avatar to forge your own destiny. Explore Metro City and many more places. Meet legendary masters who will take you under their wing and teach you their style and techniques.

Face your rivals in the Battle Hub
The Battle Hub is the central place in Street Fighter 6 where players can gather, communicate, and train together. Use your World Tour avatar to compete against other players via the arcade machines, or play classic Capcom classics at the arcade.

Your path to becoming a true “World Warrior” begins here.

Online game
Capcom provides various online services for this game, including online-only content.
* You cannot access some items in this game without an Internet connection.
*A CAPCOM ID is required to use content exclusively online.
*For more information about the services associated with CAPCOM ID and how to use them, please visit the official website of CAPCOM ID( Note: Use of CAPCOM ID may be age restricted

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