the ideal wireless headset for children in flash offer €21.99

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Here is an offer that will appeal to all parents concerned about the hearing health and comfort of their children. The brand new Tronsmart KH02 wireless headphones for children are on launch promotion on Amazon!

Tronsmart KH02: the ideal wireless headset for children in flash offerTronsmart KH02: the ideal wireless headset for children in flash offer
tronsmart kh02 wireless headphones ideal for children in flash offer

As a parent, you know how essential it is to find safe and comfortable accessories for your children, especially when it comes to technology products. This is why the Tronsmart KH02, a Bluetooth headset specially designed for children, may well catch your attention. This helmet combines safety, comfort and performance, making it the perfect choice for young users. Here's why.

THE Tronsmart KH02 is equipped with a safety volume limit adjustable, with three levels: 74 dB, 85 dB and 94 dB. This feature is crucial for protecting children's sensitive hearing. You can therefore rest assured knowing that the volume will never exceed levels that are dangerous for the ears of young people.

This headset offers the flexibility to operate in wireless or wired mode. In wireless mode, it uses technology Bluetooth 5.3, guaranteeing a fast and stable connection up to a range of 15 meters. For devices without Bluetooth, a 3.5mm audio cable is provided, allowing a classic wired connection.

With a 45 hour battery life on a single charge, the Tronsmart KH02 is perfect for long trips or intensive learning days. Additionally, the headset fully charges in just 2 hours.

Comfort is a crucial aspect, especially for children who may wear the helmet for long periods of time. The pads in imitation leatherare soft and comfortable, while the shell material is environmentally friendly and safe for children. THE 40mm speaker provides smooth and pleasant sound quality, allowing children to enjoy their games and music without tiring their ears.

THE foldable and adjustable design of the Tronsmart KH02 makes it easy to carry and adapt to different head sizes. The adjustable headband has four levels, ensuring a perfect and comfortable fit.

Currently on Amazon you have an introductory offer with a promotional price but also a promotional code allowing you to purchase the Tronsmart KH02 at the price of €21.99.

⏩ See the Tronsmart KH02 headphones on Amazon ⏪

To apply the discount and pay €21.99 you must enter the promo code TSKH0225

Promo code valid until June 14 while stocks last

💡You also have the model KH01 Tronsmart (wired) in flash offer that you can pay 11.99 euros with the promo code TSKH0130

Technical characteristics

  • Model : KH02
  • Bluetooth version : 5.3
  • Bluetooth profile : HFP / HSP / AVRCP / A2DP
  • Audio Codec : SBC
  • Bluetooth range : More than 15 meters / 49 feet
  • Loud speaker : 40mm
  • Frequency range : 20-20KHz
  • Reading time : 45 hours (at 100% volume below the 85 dB volume limit)
  • Battery : 3.7V / 400mAh
  • Loading time : 2 hours
  • Limited volume : 74 dB / 85 dB / 94 dB
  • Connection mode : Wireless (Bluetooth 5.3) and wired (3.5mm audio cable)
  • Color : Pink
  • Built-in microphone : Yes
  • Foldable and adjustable helmet : Yes

This Tronsmart KH02 is a wireless headset that combines safety, comfort and functionality, specially designed for children. Whether for study, travel or relaxing, these headphones provide a high-quality listening experience while protecting young ears.

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