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In a globalized world where the prices of goods and services vary greatly from place to place, taking advantage of location differences can provide you with significant savings. Whether purchasing electronics, booking travel, or signing up for online subscriptions, changing locations is an effective strategy. This practical guide explains how and why to use this method, as well as the tools and tips to maximize your savings.

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Why do prices vary by location?

Economic and market factors

Amounts for products and services may vary depending on numerous economic factors. Differences in purchasing power, local competition, distribution costs and local taxation are all reasons that influence prices. Companies often adjust their costs to maximize profits based on local markets, creating opportunities for savvy consumers.

Dynamic Pricing Strategies

Many companies use dynamic pricing strategies, adjusting amounts in real time based on demand, supply, and user location. Airlines and hotel booking platforms are common examples. By changing your apparent location, you can access lower rates.

Price discrimination

Some companies practice price discrimination, charging different amounts for the same product or service depending on where the buyer is located. This practice, often legal, can be exploited by consumers to find more advantageous offers.

IP adress

Your IP address is one of the main ways your location is determined online. Every Internet connection is associated with a unique IP address that contains information about the country, region, and sometimes even the city from which you are connecting. Websites may use this information to personalize content and amounts based on your geographic location.

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GPS and location services

Smartphones and other connected devices equipped with GPS can provide a very precise location in real time. Many sites and applications request access to this data to improve the accuracy of their services. Even if you turn off GPS, your device can still be located through surrounding Wi-Fi networks.

Cookies and browsing history

Cookies are small files stored on your device by websites you visit. They may contain information about your previous visits, including your location. By tracking your movements across the Internet, pages can adjust amounts and offers based on your browsing history.

What are the tools and techniques for changing location?

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

A VPN allows you to change your IP address to simulate a connection from another country. It is one of the most effective tools for accessing deals reserved for certain regions.


Not all VPNs are equal. Choose a reputable VPN service that offers a wide range of locations and good connection speed.

Opt for a free or paid VPN?

When choosing a VPN, you need to decide between a free or paid version. Free VPNs may seem attractive, but they often have significant limitations, such as slow connection speeds, limited bandwidth, and a limited number of available locations. Additionally, some free VPNs may collect and sell your personal data to fund their services. On the other hand, paid VPNs generally have faster connections, better security, a wide range of servers in different countries, and quality customer support. Investing in a paid VPN can be a wise choice to ensure your data privacy and access better rates without interruption.

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**Our selection of the best VPNs offering a free trial period: **

Websites use cookies to track your location and purchasing behavior. By browsing incognito mode and regularly deleting your cookies, you can avoid price increases based on your previous visits.

Device location settings

Smartphones and computers allow you to change location settings. By turning off tracking or changing it manually, you can influence the amounts displayed.

International price comparison sites

Online platforms allow you to compare prices between different regions. Using these tools can help you identify where products are cheaper.


Some browser extensions can automatically compare product costs in different countries and alert you when they detect cheaper deals.

What are the real savings by changing my position?

Travel booking

Airfare and hotel costs for your vacation can vary greatly depending on your geographic location. By simulating a booking from a country where rates are generally lower, you can save hundreds of dollars.

Example: A user in France may find that a flight to an international destination is cheaper when they use a VPN to connect through a server in an Asian country.

Online software and subscription purchases

Streaming services, software, and video games are often offered at different costs in different regions. For example, a subscription to a service streaming can cost less in South America than in Europe.

Online shopping

International sites often offer different amounts for the same products depending on the country. By checking the different national versions of these pages, you can find more interesting deals and benefit from great discounts.

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Use parcel forwarding services to have products purchased in another country delivered to your local address.

Legalities and precautions to take

Legality of change of location

It is generally legal to use a VPN to access offers reserved for other regions. However, some companies may restrict your access or cancel your purchase if they detect location manipulation.

Protection of personal data

Using a VPN and changing your device settings may have privacy implications. Make sure you understand the privacy policies of the services you use and protect your personal information.


Choose VPNs that don't keep connection logs to maximize your privacy.

Reliability of suppliers

When purchasing products or booking services from another region, ensure the reliability of the supplier. Check online reviews and check return and refund policies.

Changing locations to access the best deals is an effective strategy for saving money. By using tools like VPNs, comparing international prices, and changing your device settings, you can exploit pricing differences between regions. However, it is crucial to stay informed about the legal aspects and protect your personal data. By following this guide, you will be well equipped to find the best deals and optimize your online purchases.

Are all these methods compatible on all media and operating systems?

Most of the methods described for switching positions to get better deals are compatible with a wide range of media and operating systems. VPNs, for example, usually have dedicated apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS, guaranteeing complete coverage. Likewise, browsing in incognito mode and deleting cookies are features integrated into all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge). Location settings can be changed on all major systems, including desktop and mobile devices. Finally, compare international prices can be accessed via any web browser, regardless of operating system or device type.


What tools to change position?

  • VPN: Allows you to change your IP address to simulate a connection from another country.
  • Browser in incognito mode: Avoid price increases based on your previous visits by not storing cookies.
  • Device settings: Manually change the location of your device to influence the amounts displayed.
  • Browser Extensions: Automatically compare product prices in different countries.

What are the international price comparison sites?

  • Google Shopping: Compares prices from many retailers around the world.
  • International sites: Check different country versions to find the best discounts.
  • Online sales platforms: A good option for second-hand products and international auctions.
  • European comparators: Compares product prices in several European countries.

Our tip

To maximize your savings, combine several strategies: use a VPN to change locations, compare prices on different web pages and be flexible with your booking dates and locations. There are plenty of opportunities to find better deals for those who know how to look for them.

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