1229€ 2400W FOSSiBOT F2400 portable power station pack + 2 200W FOSSiBOT SP200 foldable solar panels

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I have already told you about this attractive and practical portable station, here is an unbeatable offer on the 2400W FOSSiBOT F2400 portable power station pack + 2 200W FOSSiBOT SP200 foldable solar panels!

2400w fossibot f2400 portable power station pack + 2 200w fossibot sp200 foldable solar panels
2400W FOSSiBOT F2400 portable power station pack + 2 200W FOSSiBOT SP200 foldable solar panels

You will be able to use solar energy simply and efficiently without installation and without a large budget with this offer including the powerful FOSSiBOT F2400 and 2 200w panels allowing it to be recharged quickly.

As a reminder, this FOSiBOT F2400 portable power station has a super large capacity of 2048Wh/640000mAh and a nominal output of 2400W. It is equipped with 3 AC power outlets, 6 USB output ports and 4 DC output ports, allowing it to be used with most devices.

FOSSiBOT F2400 portable power station uses bi-directional inverter technology its input power reaches 1100W and achieves 0-80% charging in 80 minutes, full charging in 1.78 hours. With its power input adjustment button, the F2400 solar power station has different input power protection options (300W, 500W, 700W, 900W and 1100W) to freely control the charging speed and keep the input voltage constant.

The FOSiBOT F2400 portable power station has an uninterrupted power supply function (Inverter – UPS). When utility power is interrupted, the inverter automatically switches to UPS power mode in less than 0.01 seconds, ensuring power to your electrical appliances.

It offers 3 charging methods: direct mains charging, solar charging and car charger. If you choose to charge solar and mains at the same time, the charging power reaches 1600W, charging from 0-80% in 70 minutes and reaching full charge in 90 minutes, faster than any other solar generator.

The FOSiBOT F2400 is equipped with 13 exits including 1 car charger output (12V/10A), 1 RV , 1xPD 100W) and 3 AC EU-Plug outputs (220V-240V).

FOSiBOT F2400 station offer with 2 200w solar panels on promotion

And for this offer Geekbuying Europe offers us a great price with a promo, promo code and immediate discount allowing you to purchase the FOSSiBOT 2400W station set with the 2 200w panels at the price of €1229, shipping included.

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To obtain the price of €1229 you must enter the promo code NNNFRFF2(if it works, try 7HCCWKOT, NNNFRSOLDEFOSSI or NNNFRBONPLANMALINS)

Note: The portable power station and solar panels are shipped separately from different European warehouses so don't be surprised if not together.

Free delivery from Europe 🇪🇺 (no customs fees)

You can also see the station on the FOSiBOT official website

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⏩ See the FOSSiBOT F2400 + 2 FOSSiBOT 200W panel pack on Geekbuying ⏪

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