3 good reasons to choose the new Samsung The Frame TV to watch football matches

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With its unique painting-inspired aesthetic, stunning 4K QLED imaging and zero-glare processing, Samsung seems to have found the perfect balance between visual quality and elegance. Could this be the ultimate choice for thrilling at football matches?

A television suitable for sports must meet certain criteria, otherwise the viewing experience will not be optimal:

First of all, it must offer excellent image quality with sharp and precise details. This implies high resolution, preferably in 4K UHD. You also don't want jerky movements in fast actions. In this case, ban televisions with too low a refresh rate from your list.

A large screen makes it easier to immerse yourself in a match, but make sure the TV remains proportionate to the space it's in. We can also mention the presence of an effective connected interface in order to see all the videos, replays and bonuses of the meetings. Without forgetting wide viewing angles to enjoy the event with family or friends.

The television tour de force The Frame (2024) is to manage to combine these different elements without sacrificing what makes it so unique, namely its refined design and an ultra-effective anti-reflective system, even in broad daylight.

1. An image (really) suited to sports content

There Dual LED display technology of the television The Frame (2024) improves both contrast and viewing angles. This promises a good viewing experience for everyone in the room, not just those who snagged the best seat in the center of the couch.

With a refresh rate in 120 Hz*, on-screen movements remain smooth and images sharp. The usual jerks, which we observe when the camera follows a fast action or a ball strike, are a thing of the past. As for Quantum Dots (QLED), they provide precise and realistic colors, thus sparing you the fluorescent tints often observed on the pitch or jerseys.

*120Hz on 55'' models and above

2. A certified glare-free TV

THE Samsung The Frame (2024) is equipped with a new generation matte panel, certified glare-free by the third-party organization Underwriters Laboratories (UL). The visual comfort offered by such technology is simply remarkable, especially if your television is installed in a very bright room or near a window. The experience is all the more convincing as the television includes an EyeComfort mode to adapt the brightness according to the viewing time.

An immersion like no other

Immersion begins with the image, which is why Samsung offers an extensive range with dimensions ranging from 110 cm to 215 cm diagonal. Faced with such a proposal, it is difficult not to find the ideal format that best suits your interior.

In this regard, The Frame can be fixed to the wall, imitating a work of art thanks to its invisible wall fixing, or on a piece of furniture with classic feet.

The immersion is also sound, hence the presence of the most modern technologies: Dolby Atmos, Q-Symphony, OTS or Adaptive Sound Pro. And 40 watt speakers in a 2.0.2 channel format are also there. If that's not enough, the South Korean firm is offering its Music Frame speaker this year, whose aesthetic is similar to that of The Frame television.

The Music Frame speaker completes the experience

Discreet, the Music Frame looks exactly like a photo frame. However, it has state-of-the-art equipment with its six front speakers and two woofers. THE 120 watts of power provide an immersive sound experience that transports you straight into the stadium stands.

A true connected speaker, it integrates the Alexa voice assistant and is Google Assistant compatible, as well as the AirPlay, Chromecast, and Spotify Connect protocols to stream your music. Those who wish can also use the Bluetooth 5.2. Like The Frame televisions, it is customizable, as are panels that are positioned in its center.

In other words, if you are looking for a discreet and efficient speaker to accompany your television, the Music Frame is the logical option.
There is the possibility of slipping a personal photo into the Marie Louise provided or of personalizing it with an ultra premium acrylic print via the site Music Frame Lab. Until August 25, for the purchase of a Music Frame speaker, receive a work of art to personalize.

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