Apple about to launch its own password manager?

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It is now a tradition: while Apple's WWDC is getting closer, the more or less founded rumors concerning the conference are gaining momentum. Bloomberg, generally considered a reliable source in this area, is behind the latest of its kind. According to its journalist Mark Gurman, the Cupertino company is preparing to unveil its own password manager for iOS 18, iPadOS 18 and macOS 15. Mark Gurman also indicates that the application should also be accessible from the Apple Vision Pro and – more surprisingly – Windows.

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Soberly called Passwords, the tool will act as a password aggregator synchronized with the user's various compatible devices. It should thus generate passwords, but also automatically fill in the connection forms on the user's online accounts, the wifi network and the various software and applications used on the device.

And in practice?

Currently, Apple offers a similar, albeit limited, solution with its iCloud Keychain. While the tool works quite well when it comes to filling out login forms in the browser, it is less accurate for applications. And in the event of a problem, the iCloud keychain is only accessible from the settings on iPhone and iPad, a solution far from practical for regular use. The goal of this new application will therefore mainly be to offer better visibility of the user's passwords while having greater control over the connection forms.

However, the main problem that Apple is about to encounter lies in the accessibility of the application. In fact, the most popular password managers on the market are compatible with all types of devices, whether they are affiliated with Windows, macOS, iOS or Android. As long as a user only uses devices from the Apple brand, the in-house manager should not pose a problem, but if they also have an Android device, the Apple manager will immediately be obsolete. to competition.

The potential success of the application should therefore be determined by its potential integration with Android, which, when we know Apple's tumultuous history with the operating system owned by Google, is far from guaranteed. All these questions should be answered during Apple's WWDC, which will be held from June 10 to 14.

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