Faced with discontent, Google relaxes its Pixel repair policy

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Google's repair policy has received a lot of attention in recent days. At the beginning of the week, several media outlets reported an element that was strict to say the least within the repair conditions published by Mountain View, which specified that American users should not return any Pixel containing “parts not authorized by Google”. Otherwise, the repairer from the Mountain View firm was called upon to keep the smartphone. “Unauthorized parts: You must not send a device containing parts not authorized by Google — if you do, your device will not be returned to you”indicated the site.

This mention had actually been published by Google on July 19, 2023, but was only brought to light almost a year later, thanks to a video created by YouTuber Louis Rossmann.

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Google quickly reacted toAndroid Authority : “In some situations we will not be able to carry out a repair if there are safety issues. In this case, we return the device to the customer or we determine the next steps with them”. This message was accompanied by the announcement of an update to the Pixel repair policy, finally published on June 6. “If you send a device containing parts not authorized by Google for repair”we can now read on the brand's website, “In certain situations (e.g. security), the service provider may not be able to repair your Device.
The service provider will return your device to you unless health or safety requirements prevent this. If the service provider is unable to return your device, Google will work with you to explore next steps.”

It should be noted that this change only concerns Google United States, which operates with subcontractor KMT Wireless for Pixel repairs. In Europe, CTDi is responsible for this, and politics is much less strict than across the Atlantic: “You should not send a device that contains parts not authorized by Google. If you send a device containing such parts, CTDi will return it to you without repair”. Finally, remember that Google has made efforts, since 2023, to encourage the self-repair of its products, and offers in partnership with iFixit official kits allowing its customers to replace certain elements of its devices (screen, battery, charging port).

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