If you're looking forward to Euro 2024, you'll love the Samsung S95D and QN900D TVs

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Do you want to make the most of Euro 2024 and are looking for the perfect TV for the occasion? Look no further, we've found it for you at Samsung. The new S95D and Neo QLED QN900D OLED TVs tick all the boxes: picture quality, high refresh rate, powerful brightness and even anti-reflective treatment

As Euro 2024 approaches, one question is certainly on the minds of football fans and sports fans in general: isn't now the ideal time to replace my television? If this is your case, the Samsung OLED S95D and Neo QLED QN900D TVs represent the best. They both received very good marks in terms of image quality during their time at LesNumériques.

Fluid movements to experience every action

The requirements for watching sports on television differ from those for movies. Fast player movements mean a high refresh rate. Samsung has taken this into account, equipping its television OLED S95D from a 100 Hz panel. As to Neo QLED QN900Dit goes even further by offering 4K resolution with an impressive frequency of 240 Hz thanks to Motion Xcelerator technology. In both cases, you are assured of a smooth and clear experience, especially when the camera follows a player closely or the ball moves quickly across the field.

To guarantee optimal image processing, Samsung combines its S95D OLED television with the processor new generation NQ4 AI Gen2. The latter exploits 20 neural networks and shows himself until 4 times faster than its predecessor. This processing power allows it to analyze each scene individually and thus improve the rendering.

THEQN900D TV being equipped with a screen in 8K resolutionit receives the latest generation processor NQ8 AI Gen3, designed to upscale content from lower sources to 4K or Full HD. In other words, prepare to be amazed!

An image (really) without reflection

Nothing is more frustrating than having to constantly adjust your position to avoid glare while watching a game. Whether it's from a lamp or just ambient light, it can seriously compromise the experience, especially if there are a lot of you and you can't move around as you please.

To avoid this situation, the S95D OLED TV has an anti-reflective coating that can be described as revolutionary. The feedback is unanimous, the latter having even obtained **the ultimate “Glare Free**” certification from the International Commission on Illumination (CIE).

Until now, the main criticism of anti-reflective systems has been their impact on image quality. Samsung's feat is to have reconciled a effective anti-reflective treatment with powerful brightness (1,600 cd/m2)as well as realistic colors.

Football fans will therefore be able to enjoy their matches in broad daylight in a room bathed in light. What's more, without having the impression that the players' jerseys are fluorescent.

Tailor-made content for France

The connected interface of the OLED S95D and Neo QLED QN900D televisions provides access to the most popular VOD platforms to relive matches in replay, watch bonuses and videos. In fact, Samsung even offers free tailor-made content for France such as the Équipe live 1 channel which allows you to follow sports news continuously, 24 hours a day.

A visual and sound immersion

S95D OLED technology offers wide viewing angles, stunning contrast, and as we have seen, record brightness. These features are crucial for immersing yourself in a match. Likewise, the mini LEDs that power the excellent QN900D offer remarkable image quality in 8K.

But remember that immersion also depends on the screen size, so it is important to choose a model taking this aspect into account. Precisely, Samsung offers generous dimensions ranging from 55 inches (139 cm diagonal) up to 85 inches (215 cm diagonal).

And to vibrate as if you were in the stands, nothing beats an enveloping sound experience. They receive OTS (Object Tracking Sound) technology which tracks objects on the screen. The QN900D, in particular, has 6.2.4 channel speakers developing 90 watts, enough to increase the pressure throughout the match!

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