iPhone: small screen cracks are no longer guaranteed by Apple

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By screen crack, understand these small cracks without apparent beginning or end which sometimes invade the screen of a smartphone after it has been rubbed against a key, for example. Apple has changed its warranty policy regarding these small cracks. Previously considered screen defects, their repair was previously covered under Apple's warranty. According to 9to5Mac, this is no longer the case.

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Without citing its sources, the publication claims that Apple has instructed Apple Stores and service providers authorized by the firm to consider all small cracks as accidental damage. This means that customers now have to pay for repairs. For the moment, this change in the group's warranty policy would only affect Apple Watches and iPhones, while the repair conditions for Macs and iPads would remain unchanged.

Often expensive repairs

As a reminder, repairing an iPhone screen is often accompanied by a rather hefty bill. So, unless you benefit from an AppleCare+ subscription at €29 per month, the estimated cost of repairing the screen of an iPhone 15 Pro Max is €489. For a classic iPhone 13, 14 or 15, count on €338.99. For Apple Watches, Apple's support site does not provide a cost estimate for screen repair. But according to The Vergeprices can range between $249 and $800 depending on the model.

With this change in Apple's warranty policy regarding small screen cracks, it becomes more necessary than ever to protect the panel using a protective film or screen. These absorb small daily shocks, and directly protect the screen from these defects.

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