Nor-tec air cooler

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  • Air cooler, humidifier and diffuser all in one
  • With integrated color-changing LED lighting
  • Works via USB (5 volts)

Do you want to cool the room in a simple and energy-saving way? Don't waste money turning on the air conditioner in just one room? Or do you also want to enjoy fresh air in your caravan or camper on hot summer days? So this air cooler which cools, humidifies and diffuses the air is the perfect solution. It is adjustable to 3 speeds, so you can easily adapt the air cooler to meet your needs. Air coolers use the evaporation of water to cool. When air passes, particles on the surface of the water are carried away. These particles absorb heat and cool the air. Therefore, one of the main advantages of an air cooler is that it cools the room very efficiently. This way you reduce the temperature in an economical way compared to air conditioners. Enjoy the fresh air. Thanks to its handle and its compact size of 18x15x18 cm, you can move it easily. Or you can easily take it with you on vacation. So you can enjoy fresh air wherever you are. No permanent installation is required, so installation is extremely quick and easy. Simply fill the cooler with water and plug in the USB outlet. This is another big advantage of this water cooler: it has a 5 volt USB socket and therefore can be easily connected to your laptop and a wall charger. It not only provides refreshment, but also ambiance. It is equipped with a built-in multicolor LED light that changes color and has a retro look. Choose between white, black or blue. So there is always one that suits the interior of your house or caravan.

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