Playmobil 70286 – Scoobidoo mystery machine

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€25.99 – King Toy

The Scooby-Doo universe comes to your child's room with the Mystery Machine for hours of play.

Scooby and his friends Samy, Fred, Daphné and Véra set out to investigate new enigmas. Your child accompanies them on their adventures and helps them unravel the disturbing mysteries.

Today Daphné, Véra and Fred have gone their own way to investigate a new enigma. They hit the road in their legendary van: the Mystery Machine to go hunting for monsters. While Fred drives with Daphne at his side, the intelligent Véra works to find clues and the location of their next mission.

To create even more play situations, the vehicle opens at the back. To make play easier, the roof and windshield of the van are removable. The Mystery Machine can accommodate up to 2 Playmobil figures at the front and 2 at the back, it also has a functional monitor with light effects to unmask the monsters using the descriptive sheets.

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