Set of 2 Moulinex HF80DB10 Companion XL food processors – 1550W, 4.5L stainless steel bowl, Moulinex application (via €90.15 on the menu)

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The essential points

  • 2 Cooking robots 1550 Watts
  • Capacity 4.5 liters
  • Sauce, soup, stew, steam, pastry, dessert
  • 14 automatic modes
  • Free Moulinex app
  • Bowl, lid and 5 accessories included (Chopper, kneading/crusher knife, beater, mixer, and steam basket)
  • Dishwasher safe bowls and accessories
  • Silent
  • Made in France

These YY5369FG multifunction cooking robots, from Moulinex, make your daily kitchen life easier: it cuts, mixes, cooks, kneads and offers an unlimited number of recipes via the Moulinex app.

With its capacity of 4.5 liters (recipes for up to 10 people), cook for the whole family using the 5 accessories provided, and choose from the 14 cooking modes the one you want.

You can search for recipes from the Moulinex app, create your own recipes or get suggestions based on your preferences.

For optimal comfort of use, this robot is very quiet, the bowl and the accessories are dishwasher safe.

Your high-end multifunction master chef:
The Companion XL is a multifunction cooking robot with a screen, a power of 1550 W, 12 speeds, and automatic programs to prepare sauces, soups, stews, steams, pastries and desserts. It also offers a manual mode with custom settings for time, temperature and speed, as well as Pulse and Turbo functionality. Its bowl has a total capacity of 4.5 L and a useful capacity of 3 L, offering great flexibility for preparing quality meals.

Versatile Features:
The Companion XL offers 12 automatic modes for different culinary preparations, as well as a manual mode. It comes with 5 accessories: a chopping knife, a kneading/crusher knife, a beater, a mixer, and a steam basket, allowing you to make a wide variety of recipes.

Extended Temperature Range:
The robot offers a wide temperature range from 30 to 150°C, suitable for various cooking methods.

Generous capacity:
The food processor bowl has a total capacity of 4.5 liters, which is ideal for preparing meals for up to 10 people.

Silent :
According to external tests in accordance with an international standard, the Companion XL is renowned for being the quietest multifunction food processor among the best-selling models.

Recipe inspiration and saving:
You can discover new recipes regularly thanks to the free Moulinex application. You also have the option to save your favorite recipes and create shopping lists directly in the app. The “In My Fridge” feature helps you find recipes based on the ingredients you have on hand, helping to reduce food waste.

With these accessories at hand, the Companion XL becomes your ultimate culinary partner, capable of helping you create a multitude of recipes, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. They are designed to save you time in the kitchen while ensuring professional-quality results.

The chopper is your ally for finely and evenly cutting vegetables, meat or aromatic herbs. No more need to spend hours chopping by hand, the chopper saves you time and guarantees perfect consistency for your preparations.

Kneading/crusher knife:

With the kneading/crusher knife, kneading bread, pizza or cake dough becomes child's play. It can also crush ingredients such as dried fruits, biscuits, or vegetables for various recipes.

Drummer :
The mixer is perfect for mixing and whipping your preparations, whether to make light doughs, creamy sauces, or airy desserts. You'll get perfect textures in no time.

Blender :
The blender lets you quickly transform ingredients into smooth purees, velvety soups, or refreshing smoothies. It is ideal for liquid and semi-liquid preparations.

Steam basket:
The steam basket offers you the possibility of cooking in a healthy way while preserving the nutrients and flavors of the food. You can prepare crunchy vegetables, tender fish, or delicious steamed dumplings.

Repairability and ecological commitment:
Moulinex is committed to offering 15 years of repairability at a fair price, thanks to a network of 6,200 repairers worldwide. This commitment aims to contribute to the protection of the environment by reducing waste.

French made :
The Companion XL food processor is designed and manufactured in the Moulinex factory in Mayenne, France.

Easy maintenance and storage:
Its design is dishwasher safe, making cleaning easier. Additionally, it is designed to be easy to store, making it simple to use on a daily basis.

  • Companion cooking product range
  • Food processor/blender features: Automatic shut-off; Timer; Pre-programmed recipes
  • Number of functions 6
  • Bowl capacity 4.5 l
  • Type of stainless steel bowl: Polished stainless steel
  • Capacity: 4.5L
  • Useful capacity: 3 l
  • Main material: Plastic and stainless steel
  • Power 1550 W
  • Companion XL food processor range
  • Pre-programmed recipes: Endless recipes available from the Companion app
  • Cleaning kitchen robot: Dishwasher; Manual
  • Display LCD screen
  • Bowl type: Removable stainless steel bowl
  • Knives: Ultra blade knife
  • Security: The cover is secured every time the device is started. This security prevents the lid from being opened while making a recipe.
  • Cooking method: Boil; Cook; Low temperature cooking; Gentle cooking; Steam cooking
  • Maximum temperature 150°C
  • Minimum temperature 30°C
  • Number of speeds 12
  • 2 year original warranty
  • Accessories supplied: 1 spatula and 5 dedicated accessories: 1 chopping knife, 1 kneading/crusher knife, 1 beater, 1 mixer, 1 stainless steel steam basket
  • ROBOT COOKER THAT DOES EVERYTHING: 12 automatic modes, one manual mode and 5 accessories (chopping knife, kneading/crusher knife, beater, blender, steam basket), wide temperature range from 30 to 150°C
  • Polished stainless steel color
  • Weight 7.09 kg
  • Food processor/blender functions: Beater; Blender; Heated Blender; Crush; Cook; Steam cooking; Emulsify; Whip; Crushed ice; Chop; Simmer; Mixer; Grind; Mix; Pasta; Kneader; Hot soup
  • Availability of spare parts 15 years

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