Spirit Ii E-310 Gas Barbecue With Plancha

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€561.75 – Barbecue Spirit

For barbecue fans like me, I saw this promo which I think is interesting in the Esprit Barbecue store in Lille (I go there very often) but also available online.
Not seen cheaper on Idealo.

Site description :
Weber Spirit II E-310 black barbecue
Meet the Spirit II E-310. the most emblematic Weber gas barbecue but also the most popular! It has a mixed cooking surface: a grill part and a directly integrated enameled plancha part. You therefore have the possibility of cooking simultaneously on the barbecue and on the plancha. A real gem of practicality and conviviality!

The advantages of the Spirit II E-310:
The piezoelectronic ignition ensures a quick start thanks to a continuous spark.
3 stainless steel burners equipped with the GS4 system.
The Flavorizer bars are made of enameled steel for optimal protection of your burners.
2 reinforced moving wheels to move the barbecue wherever you want.
To find out more about Weber gas barbecues, and find out which model is suitable for you, consult our guide which Weber gas barbecue to choose.

A large surface for varied cooking
With a cooking surface of 60 x 46 cm, the Spirit II E-310 from Weber can accommodate approximately 12 people. Equipped with a cast iron cooking grid, the barbecue is also directly delivered with an enameled cast iron plancha. So you can mark your meats on the grill as well as sear your most delicate foods on the plancha.

The GS4 high-performance cooking system
Your Weber gas barbecue has a powerful and durable piezoelectronic ignition system. It allows you to start the barbecue immediately thanks to its continuous spark. With a simple press of the button, you are sure to achieve instant lighting of your barbecue.

With their conical shape, the high performance of the 3 stainless steel burners is illustrated by uniform cooking of food thanks to homogeneous heat distribution.

Weber's flagship innovation, the Flavorizer bars now have a small hole to see if the burners are on.

Enjoy safe cooking with the movement of the fat management system towards the center of the barbecue. This provides a better angle of access to the fat collector.

Technical characteristics :
Dimensions lid closed: L132 x D69 x H113 cm
Open lid dimensions: L132 x D66 x H145 cm
Power: 8.6 kW
Weight: 39.74 kg
Grid material: enameled cast iron
Plancha material: enameled cast iron
Burners material: stainless steel
Cooking surface: grill (30 x 44 cm) and plancha (30 x 44 cm)
GS4 high performance cooking system
Simple and quick piezoelectronic ignition
3 burners with optimal heat diffusion
Open chassis design
Integration of the thermometer on the lid for optimal monitoring of cooking
Storage space for accessories
Grease management system: helps prevent flaring and facilitates cleaning
Folding work surface for easy storage
Warming rack included
Keeping food warm during cooking
Left folding shelf

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