The AI ​​Pin could catch fire, you must “immediately” stop using it

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Bad times for AI devices. After Rabbit r1 which would just be a simple box running Android sold at a high price, Humane announces that its AI Pins are affected by possible spontaneous combustion due to an accessory.

AI Pin charging case may catch fire

Humane is in a bad way. As reported Bloomberg in an article dated May 22, the company is looking for a buyer. It must be said that its AI Pin received generally negative feedback, particularly in terms of the limited autonomy and rapid overheating of the device. Some media like Reverse estimate that even answers to basic questions are very slow to be generated. In January, the Californian firm separated 4% of its workforce, three months before the launch of its AI Pin.

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The situation is unlikely to improve for AI Pin since the company warns its users that they must “immediately” stop using its supplied charging case. The accessory “poses a fire risk” according to an email sent to its customers obtained by The Verge.

In response, Humane parted ways with its supplier and is seeking a new one. The device and other accessories (Battery Booster and Charge Pad) are not affected by these possible fires, only the charging case.

Humane offers two months of its service

To apologize, two months of service are offered to customers to access new features. There is no indication whether users will be entitled to a replacement case. The company specifies that it “will share additional information” after his investigation.

However, no mention of the problem on Humane's social networks or on its site at the time of writing.

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