Balatro on Xbox One and Series (dematerialized – Store Iceland)

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€8.41 – Xbox Store

Balatro is a poker-based roguelike deckbuilding game that highlights powerful synergies to win big.A roguelike poker game.

Balatro is an addictive deckbuilding game where you play illegal poker combinations, discover game-changing wilds, and unleash thrilling and devastating combos.
Combine poker hands with unique wilds to create a variety of synergies and decks. Earn enough chips to beat bets, while discovering hand bonuses and secret decks. You will need every possible advantage to reach the final blind, overcome the last ante and achieve victory.

No need for a VPN, just a free credit card to pay in Iceland.

published byPlaystack Ltd
Developped by LocalThunk Inc.
Publication date02/20/2024

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