Electricity prices: a complaint filed against a supplier after a sharp increase in prices

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The supplier Ohm Énergie is in the sights of Consumption Housing and Living Environment (CLCV), which accuses it of inflating its prices. The association announced this Friday, June 7, that a complaint was filed in Paris due to a “brutal and spectacular increase in its prices in August 2022”which would be “likely to constitute a deceptive commercial practice”.

160,000 customers affected, according to the association

According to the CLCV, the increase concerns nearly 160,000 customers whose prices have increased, from September 1, 2022, by 105%. The association, which is based on “material elements to [sa] arrangement”, believes that the increase was applied by Ohm Énergie in the wake of the launch of its discounted price offers. Attracted by these attractive rates, customers subscribed to them before they doubled in the summer of the same year, again according to the CLCV.

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However, the regulated sales tariff (TRV) has not suffered any increase due to the tariff shield applied by the government during the energy crisis. The association believes that customers who have subscribed to attractive offers from alternative energy suppliers therefore find themselves up against the wall. However, the return to the TRV is free, without charge.

Real needs overestimated by Ohm Énergie

The association is very upset since in July 2023, it was already attacking alternative energy suppliers suspected of“enrichment”. The CLCV had alerted the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) explaining that certain companies were taking advantage of regulated access to historic nuclear electricity (Arenh).

To do this, these suppliers would have first lowered the price of this electricity which can be purchased at a reduced price, €42 per MWh instead of around €100 on the markets, to attract customers. Then, the real needs of these users would have been overestimated in order to resell this energy to them at a higher price. Despite upstream control of discrepancies which makes it possible to avoid overvaluation, certain companies were able to benefit from it, says the CLCV.

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