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Code to get free items. I tried all the codes they are all functional!
There are often some added throughout the month, you should watch at least once a week

  • SOLOLEVELING_0508 – 20 Artifact Upgrade Chips I & Weapon Upgrade Materials I
  • NENEARISE – 50,000 Golds, 10 Weapon Upgrade Materials I
  • LETSGOKOREAGUILDS – 50,000 Golds, 250 Mind Stones
  • THXSLVARISETHX – 200,000 Golds
  • WORLD1STLEVELUP – 300 Mind Stones

History :
About ten years ago,
“portals” connecting
our world to other dimensions began to open up.

“Awakened” people have appeared almost everywhere among ordinary people.

The individuals who have experienced the awakening and hunt the monsters at the other end of the portals are called…

The hunters “.

However, not all hunters are overpowered.

“The Weakest Hunter Ever” must struggle to survive even in lower level dungeons.

Sung Jinwoo, E-rank hunter.

Despite his best efforts, Sung Jinwoo barely earns enough to live on
by braving the dangers lurking in the heart of the dungeons.

Until the day when, after passing through a modest level D portal,
he finds himself in a formidable “double dungeon”.

Believing his time has come, he accepts the inevitable…

But when he wakes up, he discovers new talents that never fail to amaze him.

A quest window that only he can see!

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