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“Distribution of “water saving” kits

Starting in June, the Department will distribute hydro-saving kits.

These kits are composed of:
· 3 regulators to install on standard faucets
· 1 bag to reduce water consumption in toilets
· 1 flow reducing gasket for the shower

Easy to install, this equipment allows an estimated 50% water saving. For the year 2024, 3,000 kits are offered by the Department.They are allocated as a priority to groups identified by the Department's social teams and its partners involved in housing:
· beneficiaries of assistance from the Housing Solidarity Fund (FSL) for unpaid water bills;
· families supported by social and family economics advisors as part of their budgetary education mission;
· families benefiting from social support linked to housing by the Department's teams and its partners approved for specific actions.

The kits will be delivered within 22Departmental solidarity and integration centers (MDSI).

Furthermore, in order to support this eco-responsible initiative more widely, interested Samarian households will also be able, upon prior registration and within the limits of available stocks, to subscribe to the approach.

Click here to submit your request online.

An assessment will be carried out by the Department's services after one year in order to measure the evolution of consumption with the help of the beneficiaries who will have to provide information on their drinking water consumption before and after the implementation of the “energy savings” kits. water “.”


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