Unicorn Overlord on Nintendo Switch

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€44.99 – Fnac

Already thanks to Hamster Joueur for the find 🙂 (I don't know if I have the right to put his link…)

A game that's quite difficult to get since its release, it's on sale for 44.99 so don't hesitate!

Roam a dynamic world, assemble units and lead them in stunning, animated battles
Perform heroic deeds and gain fame across the five nations
Lead an army of over 60 unique characters, including humans, elves, gigantic beasts and celestial angels
Liberate your kingdom, take back your destiny!
Discover the brand new fantastic tactical RPG game with animated settings in the pure tradition of games from the Vanillaware studio, behind the games 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim and Odin Sphere.

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