Diablo III: Eternal Collection Nintendo Switch (digital – Store South Africa)

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€12.95 – Nintendo

Promo on the South African Nintendo eShop for Diablo III which is 263.65 rands or 12.95 euros after today's conversion (€19.90 currently on sale on the eshop fr)

The game is multilingual so contains French and will launch in French from your Switch France region.

As you know, Nintendo allows you to choose the region of your account and the eShop store See the official website faq

No need for a VPN or gift card. The transaction is carried out directly by bank card, even European. Be careful, however, check if your bank does not charge fees for purchases abroad (from a few cents to 1 euro. BoursoBank does not charge any fees, for example).

Little tutorial:

Thus, you can access the South African eShop store either directly by changing the region of your current account in the settings to put “South Africa” or by creating a new account.
The best is to create a new account because if you change region on the same account, the account balance and points are not transferred as indicated Nintendo. But the acquired games will be on the console and available for all accounts.

To create an account, you must go to the Nintendo website:
_Select “Create Account” and fill out the form Account creation
_Select “South Africa” as country
_Check your email to confirm the creation of the account

Afterwards, you must add a user directly from your Switch.
_On your console, open Console Settings, then “Users” and finally “Add a user”
_Choose the account name and icon, and add the Nintendo account created
_Finally and necessarily click on the eShop from the console and select the account which will access it. Everything is now in sync.

Now you can buy either from the South African eShop store from the website or from your Switch console on the South African eShop.

Description of the site:

eShop France link

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