Falmec plays it like Madonna with her Vogue hood

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We have known Falmec for a long time now, and the Italian manufacturer of extractor hoods does not hesitate to release very exclusive products. Its latest Vogue model, for example, was launched at €2,599. For this price, the materials have been rigorously selected (glass and steel) and the appearance particularly worked by the Emo Design studio. Everything is further enhanced by adaptable LED lighting which will modulate the temperature (between 2700 K and 5600 K) according to the user's wishes. But this circular island model (which necessarily works in recycling mode) with a diameter of 88 cm is intended to be as beautiful as it is efficient. Its technical sheet announces a suction capacity of 600 m³/h, which, theoretically, should be sufficient for a 24 m² kitchen.

The air is filtered by a grid filter for grease and by a carbon filter for odors, which is not very unusual. On the other hand, the zeolite filter is much rarer and must retain water vapors. Indeed, this volcanic stone has the property of absorbing humidity and releasing heat.

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On the other hand, Falmec does not seem to have equipped its new model with the NRS system (Noise reduction system) specific to the brand, since the technical sheet indicates a sound level of 66 dB(A) at maximum power. NRS-stamped hoods do not exceed 60 dB(A) in the same configuration. On this subject, let us point out that the Vogue benefits from three suction powers which can be selected directly on the hood using a dial. A remote control is available to facilitate operations, and Falmec seems to have copied its little comrades with the Dialogue System option: the hood can communicate with a compatible plate using radio waves, the settings of the first being made automatically based on the power of the inductors of the second. This technology has existed for a long time with other manufacturers such as Electrolux and Miele (Con@ctivity 3.0).

The Falmec Vogue hood is sold in white, green and steel gray for a completely identical price (€2,599).

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