Sea Salt & Paper Board Game

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Sea Salt & Paper: Let the little papers speak… (rated 7.5 on bgg)

In the stop-or-go game Sea Salt & Paper, create an ocean of folded papers. Build your hand, play your effects, take the initiative to stop the round. To try to optimize your points, will you dare to give others one last turn?

A few delicately folded papers and a whole marine world comes to life. It's up to you to create your own ocean. Build your hand, lay down cards for their effect and decide whether to end the round. But you must choose: immediately stop the round or give the others an extra lap to try to widen the gap. It's a risk to take…

Licensed use of the ColorADD code which allows colorblind people to identify colors.

How to play Sea Salt & Paper?
The game takes place over several rounds, until a player reaches the number of points required for victory. To earn points, you must choose the cards you take carefully and use their effects wisely. Outrunning your opponents can also be a good strategy.
Players take turns going clockwise. During their turn, a player completes the following steps.

Add a card to your hand
Place duo cards
End the round

When a player triggers the end of the round, he reveals his hand and must announce “stop” or “last chance”.
If a player places all 4 sirens, he immediately wins the game. Otherwise, the game ends as soon as a player reaches or exceeds the number of points required for victory: 40 points for 2 players, 35 points for 3 players and 30 points for 4 players.

From the age of 8
less than 30 minutes
2 to 4 player(s)

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