Top 5 VPNs for online gaming

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**The best VPNs of the moment**

Why use a VPN during online gaming sessions?

There are many benefits to using a VPN during online gaming sessions. Here are a few.

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Browsing safety

Concern for confidentiality, preservation of privacy and security are the main reasons why a person resorts to using a VPN. These reasons remain valid for online players.

Indeed, thanks to its secure servers, a VPN creates an encrypted traffic network that is difficult to hack. This makes it impossible for hackers and internet service providers to track your online activity. This measure is even more recommended, especially if you use a public Wi-Fi network to play online.

A VPN also provides an extra layer of security that protects you from other online players. Most of the time, they can be violent in the event of disagreement during a game. The most extreme ones even trace your IP address, then track your personal data as well as your identity and location. Their goal is to take revenge by undermining your security in real life.

Optimization of the gaming experience

Using a VPN definitely improves the user experience for gamers.

Firstly, this tool is an excellent way to counter DDoS attacks during gaming sessions. This type of break-in manifests itself in slow connection times and a considerable increase in ping numbers. In some cases, it even causes the gaming application to be forced to shut down or disconnected from the site altogether. To prevent these incidents, a VPN deploys an anti-DDoS protection solution.

Second, a VPN has the ability to hide a user's IP address. A quality that is highly appreciated in the gaming community. Indeed, IP address banning turns out to be a very common sanction in this environment. It is waived when a player is caught cheating or when he does not respect the platform's regulations. To circumvent the restrictions relating to this ban, the use of a VPN is an excellent solution. This software makes it possible to display a new IP address at each connection, which makes the sanction void.

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Circumventing geographic restrictions

Thanks to the use of a VPN, geographic restrictions will no longer be a problem.

First of all, players will be able to access the games they want, regardless of their location. In fact, it is not uncommon for certain options and applications to display the words “Inaccessible in your country” on shopping sites.

Then, with a VPN, it's easy to change servers and choose one that's located in other countries. A feature that many gamers exploit to quickly develop their skills. This is because they can easily connect to a foreign server where there are many inexperienced players. The most experienced can easily win honors and trophies in order to advance more quickly in the game.

Changing servers also offers economic benefits. Indeed, online gaming enthusiasts can choose to purchase the applications and options they want in a country where they are sold at a cheaper price. They also have the possibility of accessing a game as soon as it is released in other regions, even if it will not be available in their country until later.

Finally, being able to freely choose your virtual location helps reduce ping. The gamer can in particular opt for a connection to a server located in a region where the game is located. This approach makes it possible to considerably reduce the distance between the two parties concerned, thus reducing lags and pings.

Blockage lifting

A VPN is a kind of key that provides access to all sites, although access to some of them may be blocked for one reason or another.

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With this tool, gamers can access platforms where experienced gamers share gaming tutorials. Indeed, in many regions, sites like YouTube, Twitch and some streaming platforms are censored.

Using a VPN can also be useful when someone wants to play a game during breaks at school or work. Indeed, in these establishments, administrators often block access to entertainment sites. The purpose of this restriction is to preserve the concentration of students and employees so that they remain productive.

In recent years, the number of providers has increased significantly in the VPN market. Therefore, it can sometimes be difficult to make a choice when it comes to finding the right software to play online. In order to facilitate the operation, below are some selection criteria to consider during the search.

Connection quality

By establishing a secure connection with encryption systems, a VPN tends to slow down the internet connection. As a result, games may lack fluidity.

In order to limit these discomforts, it is important to opt for a VPN with high speed. The quality of the connection must also be stable to limit slowness.
Finally, a good VPN for online gaming should have unlimited bandwidth.

Number of servers

A VPN suitable for gaming sessions must have several servers. The fleet should ideally contain at least 1,000 to prevent possible saturation during peak hours. A high number of servers also reduces pings and latency.

In addition to quantity, another criterion relating to servers to consider is their location. They must serve many countries, including those that usually host game servers. These include the United States and several regions in Europe.

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Proposed options

The options offered with the software are the points that allow you to distinguish a good VPN from a bad VPN. To have an optimal user experience during gaming sessions, below are the must-have features.

Kill switch

This is a device that causes internet access to be cut off when the VPN disconnects. Once the link with the secure tunnel is reestablished, the connection will also be automatically reestablished. This option helps prevent data leaks when the VPN disconnects.

Split tunneling

With this option it is possible to define the applications that will be under the protection of the VPN. This improves the fluidity of the game.

No log

The presence of this option means that the VPN does not keep track of your daily activities. This measure optimizes your security and allows you to better preserve your personal data.


Compatibility with different operating systems and devices is something that should not be overlooked when choosing a VPN. Ensuring this before taking out a subscription helps to avoid possible unpleasant surprises during gaming sessions.

Pricing plan

VPN providers offer several types of subscription in order to satisfy all user profiles. The best pricing plan therefore depends on each person’s budget and needs.

A price comparison is still recommended to benefit from the best price for, more or less, the same options.


Although there are currently many Free VPNs, their use in online games is not recommended. Indeed, they can be slow and have a limited number of servers, which can be problematic for circumventing georestrictions.

Customer service

In the event of problems, it is important to be able to quickly report incidents to the supplier for resolution. When choosing a VPN, it is therefore advisable to check whether the company has reachable, responsive and above all competent customer service.

What are the best VPNs for online gaming?

To make the user experience better during your online games, opt for one of the best VPNs presented in this selection.

  1. NordVPN : more than 6,000 servers, coverage for more than 110 countries, 30-day trial period, 10 simultaneous connections, no logs, Windows compatible,
  1. ProtonVPN : more than 4,800 servers located in 91 countries, can support 10 devices simultaneously, 30-day money back guarantee;
  1. Surfshark : 3,200 servers for 100 countries covered, 30-day free trial, no logs, unlimited simultaneous connections, antivirus option included;
  1. ExpressVPN: 3,000 servers, around a hundred countries covered, 8 simultaneous connections, 30-day money back guarantee, no logs;
  1. CyberGhsot : 12,000 servers spread across 100 countries, 45-day money-back guarantee, 7 simultaneous connections.

Please note that this ranking was established taking into account the criteria mentioned above. In addition, these VPNs have a good rating and many positive reviews on several shopping sites.

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