Apple Intelligence: the star AI of the conference

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WWDC 2024 was the opportunity for Apple to present THE real star of this conference: Apple Intelligence (AI), the generative artificial intelligence of the Apple firm.

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Its name had already leaked a few days ago, AI is not just an AI (sic), it is a whole system of personal intelligence. And this is where the specificity of this intelligence lies, which intends to interfere in all the apps on the iPhone, iPad and Mac. More “natural, relevant and personal”Apple Intelligence should benefit from a quick and in-depth understanding of the different types of content in your devices to help you use them on a daily basis.

The various demonstrations during the conference were in this direction. Thus, the Writing Tool functionality helps with writing text to help and simplify the writing of an email, an SMS or a note, or even rewrite everything. This AI would be perfectly able to summarize any text, to raise the essential points of an email or an article, regardless of its length. To take creation a little further, AI can also generate illustrative images or animations modeled on photos of a loved one.

Understanding personal context

The demonstrations given during the keynote on Apple Intelligence focused on its ability to respond to very specific queries. To the extent that this generative AI understands the personal context in which it operates, it will be able to respond to very complex requests. For example, the user can ask the AI ​​AI (are you following?) to relaunch the film started by one of your loved ones two days previously. Apple specifies that it will not be necessary to enter each piece of information to enrich Apple Intelligence, which does so naturally by learning and processing the smallest content of each app.

Safety first

Obviously, such decryption necessarily raises the question of security. Apple devoted part of its conference to (re)assurance on this point. No personal data will be collected by the firm; all requests will be processed locally and confidentiality will be valid for cloud requests. This necessarily requires a suitable hardware configuration. Note that it will be necessary at a minimum an iPhone 15 Pro (equipped with an A17 Pro chip) or a Mac “powered” by an Apple Silicon “M” chip to use Apple Intelligence.

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