Apple iPhone 15 overheating issues reportedly fixed with iPhone 16

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L'iPhone 15 suffered from a lot of negative feedback regarding its tendency to overheat. For the future iPhone 16, Apple seems to have taken corrective measures. The first leaks relayed on X (ex-Twitter) suggest a 3597 mAh battery, which represents a slight increase compared to the iPhone 15 (3367 mAh).

A different design

It’s not just capacity that’s evolving. The iPhone 16 battery would now be surrounded by a metal casing, contrasting with the usual black foil casing. This new metal casing is supposed to improve heat dissipation, making the device less prone to overheating. In addition to a new battery, the iPhone 16 is expected to introduce the A18 chip in all its models, promising better energy performance. Rumors also point to the adoption of a graphene cooling system, a technology that could further strengthen heat management.

Towards a more sustainable battery

The design of the iPhone 16 could evolve to accommodate these innovations. The battery would, according to these recent indiscretions, have the shape of an L optimized for efficient integration with the other internal components. This new design, combined with a metal casing, would aim not only to improve heat dissipation, but also to increase the durability of the battery. In addition, new European regulations could encourage Apple to consider removable batteries, thus facilitating their replacement and extending the lifespan of devices.

There WWDC 2024 will be an opportunity for the brand to announce at the same time all the new products linked to iOS 18which should also allow the iPhone to be more energy efficient, therefore increasing its longevity.

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