Apple's Siri assistant will understand natural language

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At WWDC 2024, Apple announced that its voice assistant Siri will now be able to understand natural language. In other words, the user will be able to ask for any information by formulating a complete sentence. In short, the voice assistant is finally equipped with innovative features in terms of artificial intelligence.

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Siri becomes the most advanced personal assistant of all time

As with OpenAI's famous ChatGPT, Siri will take context into account in all its responses and will have a virtual memory. For example, to the question “What time does my mother fly?”, Siri will display the planned flight plan by retrieving the information in the iMessages exchanged beforehand. If the user then asks “What’s planned for lunch this afternoon?”Siri searches for reservation information exchanged by SMS with one of the contacts.

Even more impressive, Siri presents itself as the most advanced personal assistant ever present on a smartphone, with the capacity to analyze all the data present on the system. It will thus be able to ask the user to complete a form in the web browser asking for very specific information, such as an identity card number. To do this, the assistant will search for the presence of an ID card photo with a corresponding name on the device and extract the relative data.

These advanced Siri features will be available on iPadOS, iOS and macOS after summer.

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