It's official, Apple is integrating ChatGPT into its software environment

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Placed largely under the sign of AI, the WWDC 2024 conference has just ended with an expected announcement: the native integration of ChatGPT into Apple's software environment. A first for the firm, but also a semi-admission of weakness, which will at least have the merit of allowing us to benefit from an interesting range of intelligent functions in the coming months, both on macOS 15 Sequoia for our Macs, and on the duo iOS 18 / iPadOS 18 for our iPhone and iPad. Of course, on iOS 18, this will also benefit Siri, which will therefore be able to rely on the OpenAI solution to seriously gain efficiency after years of neglect.

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Clearly, the integration of ChatGPT on Apple devices will allow, among other things, to generate the summary of a long text in one paragraph (such as the transcription of a recording), to ask Siri for certain practical information (such as a cooking recipe by giving him a list of ingredients beforehand), or asking him to use a photo taken with the iPhone to answer a particular question (“what plant can I put in this place on my terrace? » with an attached photo, to use Apple's use case).

In the Pages application (Apple's word processor installed by default on Mac), ChatGPT can also be used to generate text from a few elements and indications written by the user.

If applicable, the device used will be required to request authorization to use certain elements, deemed private, in the context of using ChatGPT. This will particularly be the case for using a photo serving as the basis for a query, as in the example mentioned above. Apple, however, assures that it has designed this integration of ChatGPT in such a way as to permanently give the user control over what they wish to share with OpenAI or not.

Last but not least, Apple explains that this inclusion of ChatGPT will not incur any costs for the user. Its operation will therefore be free, but we still learn that people with a paid plan with OpenAI will be able to identify themselves to benefit (we imagine) from certain advanced functions on their Apple devices in connection with their subscription offer. .

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