Responsible for one of the most iconic photos on Earth, William Anders disappears at 90 in a plane crash

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Astronaut William Anders was killed at the age of 90 while piloting his plane. Little information has been released regarding the circumstances of the accident, but it is common knowledge that the former astronaut regularly flew his Beechcraft T-34 Mentor. This time, Anders was able to take off from Skagit Regional Airport in Washington state, then the vintage plane reportedly nosedived mid-flight and hit the water near the San Juan Islands on the coast. western Canada.

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This disappearance allows the general public to rediscover William Anders, who is mainly known for his work as an astronaut. But before joining NASA, Anders was able to serve as a fighter pilot in the US Army. Then, recruited at the same time as Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, he took part in the Apollo 8 mission on December 24, 1968. Accompanied by a Hasselblad 500 EL camera, he then took one of the most famous photos of the story, the aptly named “ Earthrise ” Or ” The earthworm “.

An iconic photograph

Legendary, the “Earthrise” photograph has established itself over the decades as one of the most emblematic of the past century. The disappearance of William Anders last Friday did not fail to arouse strong reactions and tributes linked in particular to the taking of this photo. Anders « gave humanity one of the most precious gifts an astronaut can give. He traveled to the threshold of the Moon and helped us all to your something else: ourselves » was able to move the current administrator of NASA on X, Bill Nelson.

American senator and former NASA astronaut Mark Kelly also commented: William Anders “ forever changed our view of the planet and ourselves with this famous photo […] he inspired me and generations of astronauts “.

In his career as an astronaut, William Anders spent more than 6 days in space, circling the Moon. He was unable to land there, unlike his colleagues on Apollo 11, 6 months later, an event which marked the culmination of the space race between the USA and the USSR.

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