The TV offer not to be missed: €309 immediate discount on the Samsung 65Q80C QLED TV, perfect for football matches!

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Football matches are approaching and you are looking for a television for the occasion? E.Leclerc drops a monster discount on the excellent Samsung 65Q80C (2023) QLED TV in 165 cm diagonal. In addition to its generous size and its ultra advantageous price, this model is full of features to thrill in front of the matches.

The summer promises to be a sporting one on television with several major events planned, starting with football matches in June. If the desire to replace your television tickles you, here is the offer not to be missed: the excellent QLED TV Samsung TQ65Q80C (2023) is reduced at E.Leclerc at €990while its usual price is around €1,300.

This model has all the attributes of the ideal television for following sports: a generous size for total immersion with 165cm diagonal, a high refresh rate (4K 120Hz) synonymous with fluid movements, 4K UHD image resolution for images realistic, accurate colors and a cutting-edge connected interface. Everything is there to benefit from an ideal experience!

Our recommendations for making the right choice

If you are a sports enthusiast looking for the ideal television to thrill from your living room, several essential criteria should attract your attention:

The size of the screen and its resolution are essential, so choose 4K UHD for a clear and precise image. Avoid models with a low refresh rate, 50 Hz or 60 Hz, otherwise movements will not be fluid and realistic.

Also make sure that an effective connected interface is accessible to follow the actions in replay from the VOD platforms. And then, high brightness is also a real asset, especially for watching matches in broad daylight without being bothered by reflections.

The Samsung TQ65Q80C TV ticks all the boxes

Precisely, the Samsung TQ65Q80C television (2023), on sale at E.Leclerc, ticks all these boxes.

First of all, its 165 cm diagonal screen receives Full LED Local Dimming backlighting. Reserved for high-end models, this technology delivers powerful brightness and superior contrast to conventional LCD televisions. Rather than positioning LEDs on the sides of the TV, as is generally the case, Samsung has chosen to distribute them across the entire rear surface of the screen.
The result is incomparable brightness, uniform illumination and precise control to reduce light leaks and enhance contrast. As a bonus, this also improves viewing angles and ensures a consistent experience whether you're sitting in front of the TV or relegated to the edge of the sofa.

To restore the best possible image, Samsung has also planned its Quantum Dot technology. The latter is capable of reproducing 100% of the colorimetric volume, and thus offering colors that are both rich and precise. In other words, you won't have the impression that the stadium pitch is neon green as is the case with some models.

As for the 100 Hz refresh rate, it ensures good fluidity and prevents the jerks that we generally observe when the camera follows a player closely or when the ball is moving. And of course, the 8K UHD resolution of the panel ensures superb details and remarkable depth.

But that's not all ! An immersive experience involves not only images, but also audio. This is why the presence of technologies like Dolby Atmos or OTS Lite on this television is crucial. If you're probably familiar with Dolby Atmos from movie theaters, OTS Lite is an innovation exclusive to Samsung TVs. This system combines an ingenious algorithm with speakers distributed around the screen so that the sound is able to follow the movements of objects on the screen.

Finally, to complete the picture, Samsung has provided a complete connected interface, supported by the new Quantum Processor 4K processor. It uses, among other things, artificial intelligence to optimize 4K content whatever the source. In addition to being ergonomic, the interface provides access to the Alexa voice assistant and supports features for gamers, as well as HDR10+ formats.

The best choice for watching sports on television

You will have understood, the Samsung TQ65Q80C QLED TV (2023) undoubtedly represents the best option for those who want a quality television at an advantageous price to follow football matches and more.

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