What’s new coming this fall in Apple iPadOS 18

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iPadOS 18

The next version of iPadOS plans the arrival of features powered by artificial intelligence and focused on the use of the Apple Pencil. On the program for this upcoming update, accessibility improvements, but above all stunning new capabilities directly integrated into certain applications such as the iPad's traditional native notepad.

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Zoom on the Apple Pencil

Apple is obviously looking to develop the use of its stylus to an even wider audience. One of the first features advanced during WWDC 2024 is the appearance of a new floating menu, aimed at allowing access to certain sections of an application in record time. In the same vein of optimizing accessibility on iPadOS, it will now be possible to use this new floating menu to display the preview of a file in an application. When the iPad user picks up their Apple Pencil, this menu will automatically appear.

Shareplay will also benefit from an update aimed at optimizing the way users interact with each other: when sharing a screen remotely, it will be possible to draw with the Apple Pencil directly on the screen of the iPad to indicate information more easily. For example, the user will be able to scribble an arrow on their screen and circle part of a photo to illustrate their words in real time.

Calculate with artificial intelligence

iPadOS 18 Math Notes 2

iPadOS 18 Math Notes 2

© Apple

One of the features that seems to revolutionize iPadOS is the arrival of a calculator worthy of the name on Apple's operating system. Until now subscribed to the ranks of the major absentees, the application is not limited to a simple display larger than on an iPhone: functionalities linked to artificial intelligence will be clearly developed there. The user will be able to scribble their calculations using the Apple Pencil, where the application has a dedicated mode; in this mode, the equations are solved in real time by the OS and it is possible to make modifications, which are automatically reflected in the data.

iPadOS Math

In this same vein, Apple is innovating since the user of Calculation on iPadOS will also be able to draw their complex mathematics problems in the form of diagrams. The AI ​​integrated into iPadOS 18 will be responsible for analyzing the freshly drawn drawing, understanding the problem and solving the equation.

The Notes application, integrated into iPadOS, is also benefiting from a nice facelift. A new feature is appearing: smart script. This uses a machine learning algorithm to reproduce the writing style of its user. This will allow you to copy and then paste text, transforming it into personalized handwriting. We also imagine here various layout functionalities.

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