4K, dual sensor, ColorX… Reolink gives everything with its new Argus 4 cameras

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The Argus 4 Pro should shine in low light, and even promises color images at night without a projector since we actually find the ColorX technology of the CX410. It even takes the gamble of doing without the usual infrared vision, a choice that seems daring to us insofar as ColorX technology, just like Ezviz's C3X camera, still needs a little light to function. The image quality also seems a little worse at night than during the day in the extracts broadcast.

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Reolink adds in any case that using its ColorX technology rather than infrared vision allows the Argus 4 Pro to gain up to 12 days of autonomy, but we can note that it still integrates projectors . They should mainly be used to deter intruders with the on-board siren, but we imagine that they could also be used to capture images in total darkness.

ColorX vs IR vision snippets

Reolink is very proud of its ColorX technology… but we often prefer infrared vision to color images at night

© Reolink

Infrared vision and projector for the Argus 4

To find infrared vision, it is always possible to turn to the more classic Argus 4, which should therefore also offer slightly less autonomy with the same 5000 mAh battery. Note that a solar panel is available as an option for both models. The Argus 4 also promises color night vision, but still with its projectors. A siren is also planned and the two models otherwise seem identical.

Intelligent detection, local or cloud storage and dual-band Wi-Fi

Like most battery-powered cameras, the Argus 4 detects movements, not by image analysis, but using a PIR (passive infrared) sensor that consumes less energy. Reolink indicates that it offers the same coverage as the camera, but the technical sheet mentions an angle of 170°, which is still wide. Several options allow alerts to be filtered – movement zones and recognition of people, vehicles and animals – and events can be recorded on a microSD card, a Reolink Hub or a NAS as well as on the manufacturer's cloud.

Intelligent detection on the Argus 4

The new Reolink cameras can of course detect people

© Reolink

The video stream can of course also be viewed live and a microphone and speaker are provided to communicate if necessary. Both cameras are also 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi compatible and feature a weather-resistant IP66 construction for outdoor use.

The Argus 4 and its Pro version are already available for sale. They were respectively launched at prices of €189.99 and €229.99. For €20 more, Reolink adds the solar panel and discounts are planned for the launch period.

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