A Chinese company wants to launch a mega constellation of 10,000 satellites

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Another (very) hard blow for astronomers and astrophysicists. After SpaceX's mega constellation of Starlink satellites, as well as that of OneWeb, the Chinese company LandSpace announces that it wants to launch its own. And it will not be the least since the firm hopes to deploy 10,000 telecommunications satellites in low orbit.

More than 30,000 Chinese satellites (excitement, excitement, excitement…)

Famous for having achieved the feat of putting a satellite into orbit for the first time using a launcher running on liquid methane, LandSpace now intends to invest in the terrestrial neighborhood more systematically. The Asian company has informed the International Telecommunications Union, the United Nations agency specializing in this field, of its wish to launch the Honghu-3 project, which aims to put 10,000 satellites into orbit distributed between 160 orbital planes. .

With so many satellites, LandSpace's message is clear: create direct competition with the sector leader, SpaceX, and its mega Starlink constellation, which already has more than 5,000 satellites with a goal of 12,000 by 2025. If SpaceX n t is not the only North American private company to want to line the orbit of its telecommunications satellites, it is the same for China. The Guowang and G60 programs were designed to send 13,000 and 12,000 satellites, respectively.

With all these beautiful people above our heads, it will be more and more difficult to explore the mysteries of the universe, without forgetting the danger of space trash in orbit.

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