AirPods get smarter and more immersive with these new features

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AlthoughiOS 18, macOS 15 or Apple Intelligence have caused a lot of ink to flow during WWDC 2024, the Apple firm's accessories have also been talked about. We think in particular of the Apple Watch with watchOS 11but also to AirPods.

Apple's headphones were indeed entitled to some additional features for the occasion, starting with voice isolation. Already available on Mac, iPhone and iPad, the functionality allows users to isolate their voice from ambient noise in order to provide a better audio transcription to their interlocutor.

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Apple is also announcing a new gaming side, with the addition of Personalized Spatial Audio with dynamic tracking of head movements in game. Reserved for AirPods 3AirPods Pro and AirPods Pro Max, this feature aims to offer players better immersion, “the best wireless audio latency ever delivered by Apple for mobile gaming” and improved voice quality (16-bit audio at 48 kHz).

Another new feature presented at WWDC 2024: a new way to interact with Siri. Thanks to the latter, users ofAirPods Pro may nod their head to accept a call or shake their head from side to side to refuse. “This is particularly useful when you do not want to speak out loud in busy or quiet places.”, explains Apple.

All of these features related to AirPods will be available in the fall in final version. For those who are more impatient, it is possible to register for the beta program on the website to benefit from it now.

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