Ford Capri (2025): what we know about the future electric SUV-coupe

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Ford Capri. The less young remember this coupe which was a kind of deflated muscle car and dedicated to Europe, arriving at the beginning of the 60s and which ended its career in 1986. Almost 40 years later, Ford is bringing the name back to the cards dusty and frankly modernizes it, or it is overused, it depends…

Indeed, the Capri changes direction and goes from a small combustion engine coupe to a much larger electric SUV coupe, which will have none of the lightness of the old model, which Ford fully accepts.

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On the simplification of style

Amko Leenarts, head of Ford design for Europe, knows how historic names can help the brand progress in its electric revolution. But where the Renault R5 E-Tech or the Fiat 500 rely entirely on nostalgia by offering designs reminiscent of historic models, Ford intends to take a very different path. The manufacturer does not want a retro design, but rather a completely new interpretation of the name.

For the upcoming Capri, it will therefore be an SUV-coupe approximately 4.60 meters long and 1.60 m high and weighing 2,150 kg, compared to 4.31 m long, 1.35 m high and 1025 kg of the original Capri. But times are changing, and the newcomer wants to be simpler, Ford wanting to move towards a clean style, free of unnecessary hardware, and to avoid, for its electric cars, overly aggressive designs.

Ford Explorer

The Capri will take on the genes of the Explorer, but in a cut and more dynamic version.

© Ford

We find clues in the new electric Ford Explorer, although here the model has a lower, curved roofline, wider-looking shoulders and a steeply raked rear window. The Capri, which will be produced at the Ford plant in Cologne, Germany, will compete with Peugeot e-3008, Volvo C40 and others Volkswagen ID.5from which it derives completely.

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A well-known platform

As'Explore, the Capri will be based on the MEB platform of the Volkswagen group. The partnership began with the Amarok, developed on a Ford Ranger base, while VW supplies electric platforms to the American manufacturer.

Unsurprisingly, the Ford Capri will largely adopt the technical characteristics of the Explorer and, therefore, the ID.5. We will find a choice of 52, 77 or 79 kWh batteries and motors from 170 to 340 hp, as well as two- or four-wheel drive configurations.

The most homogeneous model should be the rear-wheel drive version equipped with the APP550 engine of 286 hp and 550 Nm, both powerful and efficient, which should provide the Capri with more than 600 km of WLTP autonomy with the 77 kWh battery. The brand could even approach 700 km if the Ford were entitled to the new 86 kWh battery which allows for the ID.7 to break records.

Volkswagen ID.5

The basis is that of the Volkswagen ID.5 and its MEB platform.


On the charging side, it will take 28 minutes to go from 10 to 80% for the small battery thanks to the 135 kW charger, while the 77 kWh battery will do the same exercise in just 26 minutes with its 185 kW charger. kW.

In terms of prices, the base model, with the 52 kWh battery powering the 170 hp engine, should start at under €46,000, before ecological bonus of €4,000.

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