Hisense: 2 televisions and 1 Laser projector perfect for thrilling in front of the Euro football

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Hisense has developed a reliable and consistent range of televisions, designed especially for sports enthusiasts. These models are capable of delivering fluid images so you can experience each match as if you were at the stadium. To top it all off, there are some tempting deals available right now.

To benefit from a ideal experience watching sports on TV, several criteria must be taken into consideration. Naturally, screen size plays an important role in immersing yourself in a match, but other aspects should not be neglected. The television must transmit a fluid image in order to accompany the rapid movements of the players without the slightest jerk. Brightness is also important, especially for broadcasts in broad daylight or in brightly lit environments in the evening. And then, a high resolution ensures maximum detail.

Hisense has developed a range of televisions and a range of Laser, ultra short throw and long throw projectors which not only provide excellent image quality, but also meet the demands of sports enthusiasts.

The brand new range of Hisense U7NQ televisions promise to make you vibrate as if you were in the stands of the stadium. There Mini LED technology ensures stunning image depth thanks to pure blacks and powerful brightness. As for the QLED treatment based on Quantum Dots, it is responsible for providing colors that are both vivid and precise, even offering a palette of several billion shades.

Above all, this television has a 120 Hz panel (native) which can go up to 144 Hz thanks to the VRR which makes movements on the screen smoother. This means that you will not have to suffer from jerks and other breakages that spoil the experience when the camera follows a player closely, for example. In fact, this television even has a AI Sports mode which automatically adjusts picture and sound settings to provide the optimal experience. And as if that wasn't enough, a sensor adjusts the brightness of the panel according to the ambient lighting.

Hisense U7 TV

As a premium television, the new U7NQ displays a 4K UHD resolution and receives the best audio technologies to enjoy the atmosphere of the stadium. That means Dolby Atmos and powerful speakers with a subwoofer built directly into the TV. So you won't have to invest in external speakers if you don't want to.

Available from 55 to 75 inches diagonal (from 140 cm to 190 cm), the Hisense 55'' 55U7NQ television is sold for €799 instead of €999, after a refund offer (ODR) of €100. A promotion that comes at the right time for Euro football.

Hisense U8NQ: the best of Mini LED

If the 55 inch format (140 cm diagonal) of the U7NQ Mini LED television seems insufficient to you, Hisense has no shortage of options in its range. Still in Mini LED technology, the new U8NQ television is offered with diagonals of 65 inches (165 cm) and 75 inches (191 cm).

Perfectly suited for watching sports, this model has a superb 4K UHD screen displaying 120 Hz refresh (native). It is even capable of going up to 240 Hz thanks to Hardware Super Resolution technology. This is the promise of fluid movements without artifacts, and therefore of incomparable immersion in matches. There Mini LED technology of the U8NQ, with its 1,600 local dimming zones on the 65 inch, produces a breathtaking contrast. Quantum Dots ensure accurate colors for maximum realism. And with a peak brightness reaching 3,000 nitsas well as an anti-glare filter, the experience is simply impressive, even in broad daylight.

Hisense U8 TV

The connected interface provides access to VOD platforms. The opportunity, for example, to consult match summaries with ease. AI Sport mode, developed by Hiense, adjusts TV settings to provide an optimal experience without wasting time in settings. In particular, it exploits the MEMC and Smooth Motion technologies to smooth the image when movements are detected. Finally, its powerful rear and front speakers as well as its subwoofer are also there to vibrate to the rhythm of the actions while offering real depth thanks to the Surround effect.

THE 65U8NQ television is sold for €1,599 for its launch

Hisense C1: the ultimate sports watching experience

It is not strictly speaking a television, but the Hisense C1 has such attractive characteristics that it deserves its place in this selection. Gratified with the maximum rating of 5 stars during his stay at Les Numériquesthis connected mini projector produces a breathtaking image of up to 7 meters diagonal, in 4K UHD resolution (3,840 x 2,160 pixels). It's a bit like watching a football match in a cinema. Except that with its compact dimensions of 24.5 cm wide and 21.6 cm deep, it offers unparalleled mobility.

You can install and move it according to your needs, especially since it automatically adjusts the image to the media. The projector adjusts Auto Focus, corrects the keystone, detects possible obstacles such as electrical outlets or frames. This way, the experience remains impeccable, regardless of its location, while ensuring a simple and quick installation.

Hisense C1 4K video projector

Hisense C1 4K video projector

There DLP technology (triple laser) provides a powerful brightness of 1,600 lumens, producing a sharp image both in daylight and in the dark. A complete and intuitive connected interface is also included, as is generous connectivity made up of HDMI, USB, RJ45 and optical ports. So you can connect your internet box or follow your favorite programs from streaming platforms. Last clarification, this is the very first mini projector compatible with Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, HDR10 and HLG.
Currently it is available at price crossed out of 1790€ instead of 2290€ and with a free tripod from 07/06 until 23/06..

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