Linky scam: conviction and fines for meter trafficking up to €500

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Some scammers have recently emerged by nice jackpots amassed by tampering with Linky meters. As reported Free Middaya couple appeared on Friday June 7, 2024 before the Alès court (Gard) for similar facts.

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Up to €500 to tamper with a meter

More precisely, it concerns a 37-year-old man, an employee at Veolia, charged with having tampered with between 20 and 30 Linky meters among residents of Alès. “to be of service”, but in exchange for financial remuneration. His partner was thus able to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle thanks to these amounts acquired illegally.

Bypasses were installed on the Linky meters so that energy consumption was reduced by 10, the operation being billed between €250 and €500. Triggered after Enedis reacted to the alarms of the Linky meters upon opening, the investigation led to the seizure of a car and €70,000 from the account of the man at the heart of this trafficking. In his defense, the latter explained that it was personal savings made up in particular of financial aid from his family and social benefits.

One year in prison with electronic bracelet

His lawyer having demonstrated that the money was largely legal, only €12,000 was confiscated by the courts, in addition to the vehicle. The 31-year-old man was ultimately sentenced to one year in prison in the form of an electronic bracelet, with his partner receiving a three-month suspended prison sentence. The couple will also have to pay several fines.

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